Have you ever felt a strong like or dislike 
                for someone, some thing or some place?
                     Perhaps the root lies in a past life.
         You are the culmination of all your experiences
                      from this life and past lives.

What is Past Life Exploration (PLE)?:
  PLE is a wonderful means of exploring your past lives. It is a powerful uncovering technique--its principles have been around for ages. People have used regression to find answers to present circumstances. Reincarnation and karma explain that your present life is the sum of your past lives, and that people incarnate in different scenarios to work on lessons for soul growth. Although it is not necessary to believe in reincarnation and karma, one can still learn valuable lessons
  There is no definite way to know if an experience is indeed a true past life, but PLE is just as beneficial since the subconscious can be trying to relay a message. Lessons can be learned in order to enhance present day existence.
  Using a guided exploration you can retrieve memories from the subconscious. The subconscious can be accessed to recall events and experiences not otherwise available in waking consciousness. It is not bound by our sense of time. Since energy cannot be destroyed, and since thoughts are energy, thoughts cannot be destroyed. But they can be retrieved with PLE.

What to Expect in a PLE Session:
  A PLE is often a relaxing and enlightening experience. Private sessions are interactive (you can speak while in hypnosis) and one may find answers to present day issues. One is brought back to pleasant earlier events in the present life and then guided to times before birth. You will view scenes in a detached manner (akin to watching television) and will be guided through the death experience without fear. Reviewing the death of several different lifetimes helps one lose the fear of death. Going back and forth from the physical world becomes a clear cycle. Suggestions for releasing and healing are given for any issues needing it. It is a safe way to explore who you were and who you are. You are always in control and can come out of hypnosis at any time.

You will receive a recording of your session (which is not to be listened to while driving or engaging in any activity). 

  Carole and Denise are Hypnotists Certified in Past Life Exploration and look forward to helping you on your soul journey.

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                                           HYPNOSIS AND STRESS REDUCTION

                                       Keeping​ your stress level manageable is vital to your health!  
     Stress is a normal part of life, but too much stress is not.  One can be affected by the environment, one's physical state, and/or one's thoughts.
    Chronic stress wears on the body and has been a major factor in physical and mental issues for many.  Gone unchecked, stress can lead to distress which can cause physical symptoms such as:   
     --headache                                                                                           --chest pain                                                                                                -- problems sleeping                                                                             --stomach upsets, including constipation and diarrhea     
     --inflamed coronary arteries-which can lead to heart attack                 --a reduction in sexual arousal    
     -- disorders of the reproductive system-for both men and women      
​     --increased production of cortisol and epinephrine, which causes the liver to produce more glucose, which can lead to diabetes

    Stress can also affect one's mental condition, causing:
        --lack of focus                                    --anxiety
        --poor motivation                               --depression
        --anger                                              --irritability

    One may resort to substance abuse in an attempt to quelch the uneasy feelings of stress. Eating disorders, abuse of drugs and/or alcohol, smoking can manifest as a result of long-term stress.  These can, in turn, exacerbate one's problems.

                                                            How Hypnosis can help to reduce stress--
    With hypnosis, you will be put in a relaxed state and given positive suggestions for relaxation to use in your daily life.  You are taught coping skills and relaxation techniques including breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, and visualization.  With a focus on increasing self-confidence, you will be able to regain self-control and get your life back on track.
    The certified consulting hypnotists at Reidiant Light work with each client on an individual basis.  Each person has different stress triggers and symptoms.  Behaviors one may think reduce stress, but actually contribute to symptoms, are addressed.  
                                                             You will learn new ways of thinking and behaving.
                                                                        "As the mind thinks, the body does"!

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