Play Better Golf with the Help of Hypnosis

Anyone who plays golf knows the mental aspect of the game !

How often have you:
***been distracted by others watching you tee off ?

***started thinking about a last missed shot you approach           your next shot ?

***approached a water shot or sand trap and envisioned the ball plopping in instead of sailing over it ?

***addressed the ball on the green thinking you’ll miss the hole ?

***looked at the wood lined fairway and thought, “I hope I don’t land in the woods” ?

***over thought your swing ?

***pressured yourself to the point of not enjoying the game ?

Hypnosis can help you overcome self-defeating thoughts. Your thinking and habits can sabotage your game. Hypnosis can help you learn new ways of thinking and behaving so that you can play your best. In bypassing the critical mind and implanting positive suggestions in the subconscious, hypnosis can help increase focus and confidence. Hypnosis is safe and effective.

Our Special 4 session program will help you build confidence, and improve your focus, swing and putting. 
In the first session, we will assess your goals and the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your game.
You will become aware of the old patterns of behavior that are inhibiting your success.
You will learn various techniques to improve the body-mind connection, which is so important to the game.  
We will teach you exercises to practice off the course so as to enhance performance on the course. 

You will learn:
Breathing Techniques
Relaxation Techniques
Use of Affirmations
Body Language
Mental Rehearsal
Post Hypnotic Suggestions

  Make the most of all you invest in lessons and practice time
Sign up now for our special golf program with a certified golf hypnotist and conquer those mental aspects that are holding you back from performing your best and enjoying your game.

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