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I hope that you will always feel fearlessly free to be you .

May your greatest joys not be in toys, may your best things not be things, and may your riches always be in the treasury of your heart.

                                     RAISE YOUR VIBRATION

Vibrate in the energy of love. Energy is a subtle vibration, but it moves quickly. It's completely neutral, but it responds to our emotions and actions, and we respond in turn. Your thoughts control your emotions, actions and deeds. Your thoughts are energy ! Energy is universal, therefore we are all connected to the Universal Life Force Energy in and around us. Universal Life Force Energy sustains, nurtures and creates through our BREATH to bring LIFE into being...into our Spirit ! Energy is alive ! It is what connects us to everyone and everything.  

The Universe responds to our subtle energy by giving us what we think about in the here and now..THE PRESENT MOMENT. What you think about over time you create in your life. You create your own reality with your thoughts, actions, feelings and deeds. You must learn to always be aware of your thoughts, because then and only then can you change the negative to positive. This in turn will help you to raise your vibration by becoming a more positive person and letting go of what no longer serves you. Thoughts are an expression of our feelings , if you choose to change old unwanted negative thoughts into positive, joyful ones you can raise your vibration and change your life.  

How do you raise your vibration so that you can live a life of ease ? A daily spiritual practice is the key to peace of heart and mind. It helps you to realize that you are more than just a human being... you are Spirit in Body ! You must choose daily to sit in prayer, meditate with mindfulness, practice yoga, and once a month have an energy healing session (Reiki). Reiki is for stress reduction relaxation, balancing your subtle energy centers( chakras) and helps promote healing, body, mind and spirit. A Spirtual practice daily will help to raise your vibration because it brings positive peaceful thoughts into creation and manifestation. It brings you into your spirit . . . your true-self..your Light so that you can start vibrating in the energy of love, joy, peace and bliss. 

Be the change that you want to see in yourself. Your thoughts are creative, so use them wisely. Be present with your thoughts so that you can change the things in your life that create sadness, fear , frustration, anger, depression and negative thinking. STOP feeding the negative and start creating the, kindness, understanding, compassion, good counsel, non-judgment. You are POWERFUL in your own right..change the things that create these unpleasant emotions to arise in are the master of your destiny.  

A beautiful quote by "Emmet Fox" ....Emmet Fox was a New Thought spiritual leader of the early 20th century who lived in New York City during the Great Depression. A positive brilliant man who lived a life of love and kindness and helped people to enjoy life to the matter what was going on around can always find peace within. This was his thoughts to living a full, happy and joyful life.....
"If you will change your mind concerning anything and absolutely keep it changed, that thing must and will change too."

Blessings Always,
Carole & Denise