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I hope that you will always feel fearlessly free to be you .

May your greatest joys not be in toys, may your best things not be things, and may your riches always be in the treasury of your heart.


    The word ‘investment’ is usually associated with finances. People invest money in bank accounts, stocks, real estate and in other areas. They hope to make good investments and keep an eye on them with the goal of growth. A financial investment usually involves depositing money, waiting or holding onto the particular investment, and anticipating a monetary gain.

    Financial investments are not the only kind of investments, though.  Time and energy are also investments. Where you invest your time and energy is even more important than financial investments. Investments that lead to soul growth are the most important types of investments one can make. We will all be leaving this physical existence in one way or another. Those financial investments won’t be going with you but, if you believe in the continuation of the soul, the investments you make while on this physical plane which serve to enhance the soul, will go with you. Sure, you may claim that you want to leave behind material assets for family or charity, but think of what a life lived in love can leave behind for others.

    Time and energy are limited resources and should be used wisely. Investing in things that bring joy, happiness, peace and fulfilment will reap great benefits! Doing good for others makes us feel good. With time and energy devoted to giving, we come to learn patience, charity and kindness. We experience a feeling of well-being when we make these investments. Spending time on things such as watching television in excess, gossiping, overindulging in food or drink, or any other activity which isn’t conducive to our growth, is a poor investment in time and energy.

    This is not to say one shouldn’t read or watch television. However, with what subjects are you filling your mind? Uplifting, meaningful material is far greater than violent, negative material. You get to choose how you want to spend your time. Good investments include the time you spend taking care of yourself. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always a good investment. Exercising, getting a restful night’s sleep, and taking time to prepare healthy meals will yield a healthier mind and body. Time spent in solitude, reflection, spiritual practices, and relaxation techniques are all wise investments.

    We can go through life not even paying much attention to our investments. One way to put things into perspective is to envision yourself on the last day of your life. Think about what will have been important to you at that moment. Was it spending hours cleaning the house, making sure everything was perfect, spending most of your time toiling away at a job you didn’t like, complaining about the way your life was without taking steps to improve it, spending a lot of time on mind-numbing activities? Chances are you will see the value of the time you spent making others happy, time enjoying the beautiful things life has to offer, the moments when you felt peaceful, loving, generous, and caring. The quality time you gave to family and friends will come forth as the best investments you made. The time you invested in spiritual growth and loving practices will now matter more than ever. You don’t have to wait until that last day on this physical life to make those investments. Start now!  Tweak your investments so that you may reap their rewards. The time you have just invested in reading this article, and the time you take to invest in positive, soul growth endeavors are wonderful steps on your way to living a better life!


                                                                  Denise & Carole