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​                                             Healing with Crystals

There are many benefits to working with crystals, one is healing.  Crystals have many magical qualities that can't be scientifically provin. The scientific research into the properties of crystals is on-going.  Recent research into quartz has shown what crystal therapists have "always known"; that crystals increase the frequency of light passed through them.  After working with crystals for the last fifteen years, we have come to understand their grace and gentleness. 

Crystals are natural solids made from minerals that come from Mother Earth "Gaia".  They are mined in all parts of the world. Crystals are a gift for our own healing purposes. Crystals channel energy in and around our Aura and our subtle energy centers known as Chakras. They can focus, store and transmute this energy that can be used for benefical healing and energizing effects . . . body, mind and spirit. Crystals improve your general state of wellbeing, and reduce or even remove the symptoms of dis-ease.

Reidiant Light offers a workshop on "The Healing Powers of Crystals". The workshop is scheduled for December 8, 2017 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. It is an extensive workshop that will help you understand how to work with crystals to create healing in your life.

The Crystal workshop will include:

  * Learning how to do energy work using crystals
  * Meditation with crystals
  * How to make a crystal healing grid
  * Which crystals to use to create peace and harmony for various emotional &      physical issue

Meditating with crystals is a perfect way to start to feel the gentle energy that each crystal emanates. You will feel more at peace and the body will start to relax and energize.

Follow these simply steps to meditating with crystals:

* Find a quiet place to meditate where you won't be disturbed.
* Sit comfortably in a chair with your head, neck and spine in alignment.
* Feet comfortably placed on the floor.
* Place a quartz crystal in the palm of each hand. Palms facing upwards, then          relax your hands on your lap.
* Focus on your breathing.
* Breathing in through your nose to a count of 6 . . . hold your breathe for a count     of 4 ... release the breathe out of your mouth to a count of 6. Repeat 3 times.
* Now let your breathing become natural and effortless.
* Just let yourself relax into this meditation with no expectations.  Just be the           observer.            Relax..relax..relax !
* Do this meditation for a minimum of 15 minutes to benefit from the healing           properties of the clear quartz crystals.

Here are some of the wonderful healing qualities of clear quartz:

Clear quartz crystals are a feel good stone.  Brings strength and vitality. Good for mental health and healing.  Helps to clear blockages and negativity energy. Great for positive thinking and seeing auras.  Combats negative, judgmental attitudes.

This meditation can be done as often as needed to help you relax, renew and replenish ...body, mind and spirit. You may try this meditation with other crystals of your choice as well.

There are many ways to get the positive benefits that each crystal has to offer with it's subtle energy.  Wherever you are on your path in life, we hope that you live your life choosing peace, joy and happiness.

Blessings, always,
Carole & Denise