Smoking Cessation & Weight Loss Program

Smoking Cessation !

Hypnosis is a powerful tool.  In a trance state, your subconscious mind is reprogrammed so that you respond easily and automatically to positive suggestion. By relaxing the physical body and the mental body, the mind is put into alpha and theta brain wave states.  The critical conscious mind is bypassed so that positive suggestions can be given for a positive change in thoughts leading to behavioral change. Thus, making it EASIER to release the smoking habit.

Along with your will power and determination you can Quit smoking and make a dramatic change in your health, appearance and life style.

The benefits of not smoking are:

 *   Your breath, hair and clothes won't smell like smoke              anymore
  *   Save quite a bit of money by not buying cigarettes
  *  Food tastes better
  *  Carbon monoxide level in the blood returns to normal
  *  Circulation will improve
  *  Lung function can increase
  *  Reduce the risk of coronary disease
  *  Prevent Lung Cancer - Stroke - Heart Disease
  *  Improve the look of your skin

Smoking only shortens your life !

Each participant receives a CD and is entitled to a free phone consultation.
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Being overweight can have serious health effects. It can effect one’s physical, mental and social situation. Factors which lead to being overweight include physical, emotional and/or lifestyle events. Willpower, habit and emotions are all to play in being overweight. Many have tried unsuccessfully to lose weight through dieting, willpower or the latest gimmicks for quick and easy weight loss only to find they have gained back the weight after a while.

With the Live a Healthy Life Weight Loss Program, you will learn healthy options without the usual deprivation of dieting. This program is designed to give you long-lasting results as you learn to make better choices. The mind has both a conscious and a subconscious component. The conscious mind is the part of us that is logical and analytical and it is where our willpower and short term memory are lodged. The subconscious mind is responsible for habits, emotions and long term memory. Hypnotic suggestion is used to retrain your brain to make positive changes in the way you think, look and feel. With the use of hypnosis, it will be easier to make the changes you want.

This 7 week program will focus on:

Healthy Eating-
You will learn healthy food choices so that you eat in order to support your body’s needs and not for temporary pleasure. You’ll be taught a successful technique for eating just the right foods in the right amount for you.

Ideal Body Image-
You will be guided to see your own inner beauty as the individual you are. Self-acceptance and self-love will improve and extend to a new attitude about life. Having a healthy body image will become a part of your new perception.

Courage to Let Go-
This program will help eliminate negative self-programming. All those negative thoughts you feed yourself such as “I’m never going to be as slim as I want” or “I can smell food and gain weight”, manifest as your reality. By releasing all harmful preconceptions about your body or your abilities, past weight loss failures and self-sabotaging behaviors, you will be free to move forward toward your goal.

Speeding Up Your Metabolism-
The power of your mind will be accessed to increase your metabolism and burn more calories. Powerful self-talk will improve your body’s power to heal and work more optimally.

Be Fit Mentally-
You will learn life-changing techniques to reprogram unhealthy attitudes you have about yourself that don’t serve you. By developing a healthy self-image, you will eliminate those self-sabotaging behaviors such as over-eating and snacking on junk food. Loving oneself unconditionally, with a greater sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-respect will make reaching your goal easier.

Be Your Best-
You will learn to accept success without fear of failure. Teaching you to trust yourself and your abilities will be part of your new way of being.

A self-hypnosis CD will be given to support each session.
You will receive a food plan and will receive the individual attention and guidance you require to achieve your weight goal.

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