We have helped so many people through Reiki and Hypnosis .

Presented here are some testimonials from those we have served!

      I have been dealing with stress and anxiety issues which were affecting the quality of my life.  I have had both reiki and intuitive counseling sessions with Carole and Denise.  The reiki sessions were relaxing and calming and left me with a feeling of peace and total relaxation.  Along with the intuitive counseling, I feel I have a better understanding spiritually as well as mentally and have a much more positive outlook.  With their help I am learning to let go of what holds me back.
    On every level, I feel good, and I don't know why, but I feel calm and happy.   I'm just happy and I'm just letting life be.  I feel I have to keep coming back to re-balance.
    Carole and Denise are warm, caring, knowledgeable and sincere individuals who are extremely dedicated to their profession.  I can't say enough about them as people and about the experience I have had with them.  I am still working with them and highly recommend their services.

    One year ago today I was awaiting my first round of chemotherapy for stage IV lung cancer.  
    Deciding I really wanted to live, I was open to all "remedies". My friends & family also wanted me around and many prayed.  One friend gifted me a Reiki session with Denise Mirante. Amazing! I felt the healing energy doing battle with the disease in my body.  I enjoyed weekly sessions feeling improved each time. I'm sure the ravaging effects of chemo were held at bay.  Denise's calm and compassion were a rock to me. Long story short, I write this cancer free and feeling better than I ever have in my life.
    The oncologist said "You are an anomaly".  Reiki was the largest factor in my healing. Experiencing this motivated me to become Reiki certified, which I did under Denise and Carole's tutelage.  Their experience, knowledge and patience that comes from confidence, were a gift.  Denise is "otherworldly" and has my gratitude for my life.

                                                                   Teresa  (7/14/15)

​ I've been struggling with weight and sugar all my life.  It has finally caught up with me and I had to pay the price, my doctor was putting me on diabetic medicine.  I was devastated ! Nothing I did helped, until I enlisted the professional's from Reidiant Light thru hypnosis.  Today I have lost 15 lbs, eat healthy, have more energy then when I was younger.  It has been a life changing experience, but the best of all my medication for diabetes has been cut in half and I feel better about myself.  We're still working together for other issues in my life and especially my goal of no diabetes medicine. 
​                                                        Mary A. ( Smithtown, N.Y.)

After my first Reiki I felt a feeling of relaxation-it helped me to let go of tension, anxiety and fear and helped me to heal with a physical issue.       
                                                           Maureen (Bayport , N,Y)

​I tried Rieki in dealing with pain and relaxation issues. It was a very soothing and relaxing experience. Reiki helps you to get in contact with yourself in dealing with these issues. I recommend Reiki to anyone who has never had the experience. 
                                                           Paul K. ( W. Islip , N.Y.)

After having surgery I was experiencing a lot of pain. I decided to undergo hypnosis for pain management.  With the implanted suggestions and self-hypnosis tapes given by the professionals at Reidiant Light, I was relieved of much of my pain.  The accompanying tension from the pain due to the inablility to function normally was also relieved.  I would highly recommend  hypnosis at Reidiant Light to anyone who has pain.                                                        
                                                   Charlie B. (Hauppauge, N.Y.)

​I had to prepare for a very difficult test and the materal that had to be studied was extensive.   I had taken this test before and found that concentration and memory at my age was definitely a drawback.  I had come into contact with a professional from Reidiant light and we discussed hypnosis.  I was curious to see if it would help as I had never undergone hypnosis before.  The session was very peaceful and calming.  I believe that I was able to study for longer periods and absorb more of the information that had to be retained.  I went back for a second session to enforce and strengthen study habits. On the day of the test, I was calm and felt prepared. I was confident as I read and answered each question.  I believe that hypnosis was instrumental in helping me to achieve the necessary tools to attain my goal.  I had also discussed using hypnosis to set a course toward better eating habits and weight loss.  I haven't started that as of yet but I feel that I will be successful  with the help of the professionals at Reidiant Light.
                                                      Rita R.  (Rocky Point, N.Y.)

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