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Live a Better Life


by Carole Duva on 03/29/16


Happiness requires letting go and learning to forget. Worry won't change the past, so forget what can't be changed.  Focus on the present moment and making positive changes to what lies ahead.

When you use your energy towards negative emotions and thinking you deplete your supply.  That's why you get tired and stressed out which can lead to dis-ease.  We highly recommend you not waste any of your energy on the past.  Everyday, choose to focus your energy on what is in front of you and what lies ahead. This habit is so important to your happiness and well-being.

There are three traps you have to be aware of:

1.   The trap of regret - You've got to let go of regrets.  Are there things I wish I had done differently in Life ? Of Course ! But I can't dwell on them because I can't change them.  Don't waste any emotions on regrets.  Just simply learn from your past and create a better future.

2.  The trap of resentment - Holding on to resentment doesn't hurt anybody but you.  LET IT GO !
For your own sake, you must forgive.  Do they deserve it ? Probably not ! But it's not for us to decide and judge.  Remember, we are not condoning there actions but we are forgiving them.  You deserve to heal from this situation and bring peace back into your life.

3.  The trap of tradition - Everything is constantly changing, and you cannot stop it.  You have to decide whether to resist and resent those changes or to be happy.  HAPPINESS IS THE  CHOICE !

How you handle change in life reveals your spiritual maturity .  When you're guided by and anchored to eternity, change can take place all around you and you can choose to be happy.  The Law of Cycles reminds us that as the seasons change, so must we, that our old habits don't have to run our lives, that our past doesn't have to become our future, and that the momentum of change ultimately leads us towards greater awareness, wisdom, and peace.

In conclusion, you have a choice to make, will you let go of resentment and regret ? Or, will you choose to suffer and be a victim.  It's all up to you !  We hope your answer is to let go of resentment and regret and live in the present moment, creating a future of happiness and joy.

REMEMBER, the present moment is a "PRESENT".  Some think it's holding on that makes one strong, sometimes it's letting go !

Live your life to the fullest every single day, be present in every giving moment, have patience with yourself, learn from your mistakes, and learn to let go of what no longer serves you !

May all the beauty and abundance of the Universe bring you closer to your dreams and desires.

Blessed Be,
Carole & Denise



by Carole Duva on 01/18/16


Find a New Way ....

Have you been stuck in the same negative thought patterns?...
Have you been having trouble sleeping?
Have you been living your life through the eyes of someone else?
Feeling lonely and lost?
Have you felt like you don't belong in your own body?
Are you experiencing anxiety & stress?
Bouts of depression?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions than you are not living your life in love, peace, harmony, and joy.

Find another way to change your old patterns and thoughts into the life you deserve. Why do you CHOOSE to SUFFER ? You can change your negative thoughs and make them positive as fast as I can say LOVE ! That's right you and only you and make this positive change in your life ! "HOW" you say ! By being mindful of your thoughts in every second of your life. When you are present and mindful of your thoughts..GUESS WHAT.. you get to change them to harmonize with your soul.

Try this simple exercise : Everything you do, become minful of it..if you are you are cooking..cook..if you are reading if you are walking..walk..if you are 100% to what you are doing and you will experience life in a whole new joyous way. You will experience life in it's TRUTH !! Just try it..what do you have to loose !!!

Find another way ....start thinking about what you do want in this lifetime and stop thinking about what you don't want..your wasting your precious time...your wasting the gift of life....simply ..RE-TRAIN YOUR MIND TO SERVE YOU !!!!

With love and gratitude for this beautiful experience to serve you body, mind and spirit !

Carole & Denise

Maintaining your balance in life.

by Carole Duva on 01/09/16

Overthinking serves you no purpose except to drive you crazy.  When you are mindful of your thoughts then you are in the present moment and can change your thoughts to serve you. 

If you don't leave your past in the past, it will destroy your future.  Live for what today has to offer, not for what yesterday has taken away.

Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love. Sometimes you have to forget what you feel and remember what you deserve... you deserve unconditional love, non-judgment, compassion, trust, happiness & joy. Resonate with your SPIRIT "your true-self" and be on your way to living the life you deserve.

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you're still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying.

Blessings always,

Carole & Denise


by Carole Duva on 12/05/13

The holiday's are a wonderful time of the year to pay it forward.  What a wonderful feeling it is to give peace, love, joy and happiness to our family, friends and the people that we come into contact with that need our help.  

Life is filled with may highs and lows and we must appreciate all that life brings to us because even in the lowest of times we learn the most valuable lessons in life. The key to a happy, healthy and productive live is to learn from our mistakes and then let it go.  Dwelling on negativity will only force you to remain in the past and if you are living in the past then you are missing the most important part of your life "The Present Moment". 
How do you know that we are not living in the present ?
Ask yourself these very helpful questions :
          Do I live in the past in my conscious state ?
          Do I dwell on my past mistakes?
          Do I live with regret ?
          Do I live with anger ?
          Do I live with unforgiveness ?
          Do I wish that I could have did things differently ?

If you have answered " YES"  to even one of these questions then you are not living in the present moment.  The problem with not living in the present moment is that you are living in the past and wasting valuable time and energy on what was.  The only way to move forward in your life is to learn to forgive, forget and let the rest go.  Learn from your past and then let it go.  It serves you no purpose to dwell on what was because all you really have is the here and now.  Live with joy, happiness and love in your heart.  Remember to keep your thoughts positive ! Your thoughts are creative so use them wisely !
Please let us know how this wonderful advise works in your life.  If you have any questions, please blog back to us.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping you move forward in your life with a positive and creative outlook.

May you always have peace in your life !
With love and gratitude,
Carole & Denise

Do you know about Reiki?

by Carole Duva on 06/22/13

Today Carole and I got to share the word of Reiki at a day of wellness to which we were invited to speak.  I'm amazed at how many people don't know of this wonderful healing art.  Are there others out there who have not heard of the wonderful effects of Reiki?